[I] Introduction.


(ii) Quilon(കുരക്കേണി-കൊല്ലം).

(iii) Sibor(സിബോര്‍).

[II]Apostolic Era of Malabar Coast (AD 52-AD 400).

-If St. Thomas reached south India in 52 AD (Local tradition), where was he preaching in the years prior to this?

(ii) Return to Jerusalem (AD45~46).

-According to The Passing of Mary, a text attributed to Joseph of Arimathaea, Thomas was the only witness of the Assumption of Mary into heaven. The other apostles were miraculously transported to Jerusalem to witness her death. Thomas was left in India, but after her first burial he was transported to her tomb, where he witnessed her bodily assumption into heaven, from which she dropped her girdle. In an inversion of the story of Thomas' doubts, the other apostles are skeptical of Thomas' story until they see the empty tomb and the girdle.

(iii) Second Voyage of the Apostle Thomas to India(AD 52-72).

-The Malabar Jews also known as Cochin Jews who trace their origin to the Jews settled in the Malabar Coast at the time of King Solomon 2500 years ago.

(v)The Ancient port of Hormuz.
-The Ancient port of Hormuz in Persia and the trade through the Persian Gulf.

(vi)The Great city of Alexandria.
-The Ancient city of Alexandria in Egypt and the trade through the Red sea.

(vii)Theophilus (surnamed the Indian AD 354).(India or Arabia?)

[III]Ancient Era of Malabar Coast (AD 400-AD 800).

(i)Daniel the Indian and Bishop Mar Maris of Persia. (AD428-435).

-The newly found ancient church of the east monastery in abudhabi probably founded by pilgrimages from India.

-The Pahlavi i.e. Middle Persian language, Liturgy, symbols &the faith.

[VI]Pre-Colonial Eara of Malabar Coast (AD 800-AD 1599).

(i)Mission of Alfred the Great king of Wesex.
- Alfred the Great king of Wesex sent alms to the tomb of Mar Thoma Sleeha(AD805).

-Arrival of the Church builders popularly known as Kanthishangal (Holy ones).

(iii)Possible Origin of Villarvattom Dynasty-വില്ലാര്‍വെട്ടം രാജകുടുംബം (AD 825~850)
- The legendary Christian royal dynasty in Malabar.

-widespread use of Aramaic alphabets for writing the local Dravidian language ,Proto-Tamil.

-The legendary metropolitan of Malabar who went to Constantinople and Rome.

(vii)Mar Yuhanon(1490-1503).

(ix)Pakalomattam Parambil Elders.
            പകലോമറ്റം പറമ്പില്‍  മാര്‍ ഗീവര്‍ഗിസ്  (1545-1585),  പകലോമറ്റം പറമ്പില്‍  യാകോബ്   (1585-1596),പകലോമറ്റം പറമ്പില്‍                             മാര്‍ ഗീവര്‍ഗിസ്  (1596-1640), പകലോമറ്റം പറമ്പില്‍ തോമ   (1640-?), പകലോമറ്റം പറമ്പില്‍ ചാണ്ടി   (1663-1687).,പകലോമറ്റം                          പറമ്പില്‍ മത്തായി    (1687-1704?).

(iix)Palamattam Elders.
         പാലമറ്റം മലനാര (?-1570) ,  പാലമറ്റം   ഗീവര്‍ഗിസ്   (1593-1604),പാലമറ്റം   ഇട്ടിക്കുരിയന്‍  (1604-1640?), പാലമറ്റം   തോമ (1640-                  ......1670), പാലമറ്റം   തോമ -II(1670-1686)

[V] Colonial Era of Malabar Coast (AD 1599-AD 1947).
(i)Synod of Diamper(ഉദയംപേരൂര്‍ സുന്നഹദോസ് )-1599.

(iii)Mar Chandy Parambil(പറമ്പില്‍ മാര്‍ ചാണ്ടി )-(1663-87)
Metropolitan of arch diocese of Kodungalloor and Gate of all India.

An Attempt to reinforce East Syrianism.

(v)Mar Joseph Kariyatty(കരിയാറ്റില്‍ മാര്‍ യൌസെഫ് )(1782-1786)
Metropolitan of the arch diocese of Kodungalloor and Gate of all India.

(vi) Mar Thoma Paremmakkal (പാറേമ്മക്കല്‍ മാര്‍ തോമാ കത്തനാര്‍ )-(1786-1800).
Administrator of the arch diocese of Kodungalloor and the author of Varthamana Pusthakam & Reunion attempt (1775-1800).

(vii)Mar Paulose Pandari(പണ്ടാരില്‍ മാര്‍ പൗലോസ്‌ )-(1796-1823?)

Metropolitan of the arch diocese of Kodungalloor and Gate of all India.

(x)Palackal Thoma Malpan(പാലക്കല്‍ തോമാ മല്‍പാന്‍ )(1820–1841)

(xi)Mar Kuriakose Elias Chavara(മാര്‍ കുരിയാക്കോസ് ഏലിയാസ് ചവറ )-(1805–1871)
       Vicar General of Syrian Catholics.

(xii)Mar Emmanuel Nidhiri(നിധിരിക്കല്‍ മാര്‍ ഇമ്മാനുവേല്‍)-(1842–1904)
      Vicar General of Syrian Catholics

[VI]Tradition, Art and Culture.
(i)Origin of murals in Malabar church, Indigenous or Foreign?

(ii)Church Architecture.


[VIII] Local chronicles.

(ii)Chronicle of the Church of Pallippuram(പള്ളിപ്പുറം പള്ളി നാളാഗമം).

(iii)Chronicle of Niranam(നിരണം  നാളാഗമം)-(1800-1830)

         (iv)Chronicle of Seert (സീറട്ടിലെ   നാളാഗമം)-(500-700)